Buying a home can seem like an intimidating process if you don’t know what to expect. At The Komfort Group, we aim to make the process as komfortable for you as possible. Here are the steps involved for the entire buying process from start to finish so that you know ahead of time what will be required to buy your ideal home.

Stage 1

Game Plan

In this stage, we will meet with you to determine what your specific needs and wants for a home. During this meeting we will review our duties and reponsbilities as your agent and provide you a sample package of local contracts. At the end of this stage we will ensure that you are pre-approved with a known lender.

The Process

  • Initial meeting with client
  • Determine Buyer’s desires (needs/wants in a new home)
  • Review duties / responsibilities of a Buyer’s Agent
  • Provide Buyer Package with a sample of local Purchase Agreements (contracts)
  • Ensure Buyer is pre-approved with a known lender
Stage 2

Property Search

Stage 2 is simple. Once you are pre-approved, we will set you up on an MLS alert service and preview properties on your behalf to find the properties that fit your needs. Once we find the suitable properties, we will show them to you and help you select the best one for you.

The Process

  • Set Buyer up on a MLS alert service
  • Preview properties on behalf of Buyer
  • Show properties to Buyer
  • Help Buyer select ideal property
Stage 3

The Offer

Once you have selected your ideal property, we will start the process of making the offer. This stage includes confirming what is included in the sale and identifying the owners of the property. We will contact the listing agent and prepare a marketing analysis to determine the offer price. Once that is done, we will draw up the necessary paperwork for the listing agent.

The Process

  • Validate what is included in sale via MLS details
  • Obtain copy of Title information to identify property owner(s)
  • Contact Listing Agent to validate property is still available; confirm any special terms for offer
  • Prepare a Market Analysis in the area to determine offer price
  • Obtain and review available disclosures with Buyer
  • Prepare Purchase Agreement (aka Purchase Contract) on behalf of Buyer
  • Prepare personal letter from Buyer to Seller
  • Obtain Earnest Deposit for purchase of the home and proof of down payment, to be submitted with offer
  • Prepare package for Listing Agent
Stage 4


During the negotiation process we will present the offer, settle any questions regarding financials, and negotiate counter-offers and contract addendums. After all the final details are sorted out, we will prepare another offer and start the contract process.

The Process

  • Present Buyer offer to Listing Agent
  • Ensure Buyer’s Lender available by phone in case finance questions are being asked by Listing Agent
  • Respond / negotiate counter-offers and contract addendums
  • Prepare new counter-offers / addendums on behalf of Buyer
  • Acknowledge ratified contract on behalf of Buyer
Stage 5

In Contract

In the contract stage, we process all of the necessary paperwork to start underwriting and open escrow. During this time, we will order and attend any inspections that you request and the lender will schedule an appraiser. If any property defects are found, we will negotiate contract adjustments and assure loan underwriting moves forward.

The Process

  • Send copy of Purchase Agreement and Property Profile to Buyer’s Lender to start lender underwriting
  • Open Escrow with local Title Company
  • Send copy of Purchase Agreement to Escrow Officer for closing instructions
  • Order any inspections requested by Buyer
  • Be onsite for property inspections
  • Lender to order and schedule appraiser
  • Review new disclosures and inspections with Buyer
  • Negotiate contract adjustments and credits if new defects are found as part of property inspections
  • Assure loan underwriting moves forward on schedule
Stage 6

Close of Escrow

This is the final stage of the buying process where the funds are secured. We will arrange and attend a final walk-through of the property and confirm that the house has been cleaned and emptied of the seller’s possessions. After transfer of property is secured and complete, we will deliver the keys and the process will be complete.

The Process

  • Manage the timely release of contingencies on behalf of Buyer
  • Ensure Buyer has Certified Funds for amount due at closing
  • Ensure Lender funds are received by Title in time for closing
  • Arrange and attend Buyer final walk-through prior to close of escrow
  • Review “Closing Costs” on Settlement statement from the Title Company for accuracy
  • Provide a list of potential qualified vendors (e.g. movers, carpenters, painters, etc.) if these services are needed
  • Validate house is clean and all of Seller’s possessions are removed prior to close of escrow
  • Monitor closing so transfer of property occurs as planned
  • Once property recording is complete, deliver keys to new Home Owner
  • Validate MLS is updated denoting property sale is complete

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to use a Buyer’s agent?2021-05-07T19:04:01-07:00

It’s Free! The Buyer’s agent is generally compensated by the Seller’s Brokerage Company. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to have a Buyer’s agent represent you throughout your transaction.

What is Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)?2021-05-07T19:04:21-07:00

Earnest money is a cash deposit buyers make when they sign a contract to buy a house. It makes the contract binding and signifies the intention of the buyer to complete the purchase. At closing, the earnest money becomes part of the down payment. If the buyer defaults without a good reason, as spelled out in the contract, the earnest money becomes payment for damages suffered by sellers and their agents.

What is Contingency?2021-05-07T19:04:44-07:00

A contingency is a condition on the sale put into the contract by either the buyer or seller to protect against specific eventualities. Examples of common contingencies are: a requirement that the buyer obtains financing or sells their current home; the seller has a home inspection done; or the seller must repair certain items before settlement. Contingencies can be removed by an addendum to the contract, or they can expire if a time limit is specified in the contract.

How long will it take to purchase my home?2021-05-07T19:05:05-07:00

The timeframe usually varies when searching for your new home and securing an accepted contract. Factors that may affect this are available inventory, market conditions, and your specific needs.  Upon receiving an accepted contract, the process usually takes 20 to 45 days to close.

What is a Realtor®?2021-05-07T19:05:27-07:00

A Realtor® is an individual licensed to list and sell real estate, one who is also a member of a local Board of Realtors®, the State Association of Realtors® and the National Association of Realtors®. As a member of these three professional trade associations, a Realtor® is bound by a strict Code of Ethics, the canons of professional behavior that guide daily activities in the real estate business.

A Realtor® pledges fidelity to clients, but also pledges to treat fairly all parties to a real estate transaction. A Realtor® is knowledgeable about various aspects of the real estate profession and maintains current information regarding market conditions. Realtors® have an affirmative obligation to serve property owners and prospective buyers to the best of their ability.

A Realtor® is the recognized professional in real estate. The distinctive Realtor® “R” is your guarantee that you are dealing with the elite of the profession, a member of an association of Realtors®, a professional who deserves your trust: a Realtor®.

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